The Peanut Battle: Part V (Nuts to Nuts)

When my daughter turned 3, one of the things we had to do was schedule a follow-up with the allergist.

We weren’t happy with the last one, so we tried a different one this time. This allergist was recommended by our neighbors who have a son who is allergic, not only to peanuts, but dairy, and a host of other foods.

The initial tests were negative. However, this just lead them to do a second test. This second test consists on just spreading a little peanut butter on my daughter. This test came back with not so good results. She still has her peanut allergy.

The one thing that has changed is that this allergist insists we be more careful about peanut exposure. We now have to read labels a lot more carefully and watch her much more closely if she is exposed to something which is exposed to peanuts.

I gotta tell you – reading labels is tough. We were at Trader Joe’s, and my daughter was being very good and asked nicely about some cookies that she saw another child buying. Well, those cookies were made in a plant which also processes peanuts. I checked every single container of cookies in Trader Joe’s. Same thing.

It is tough continuing to look at all the containers when, after each one, my daughter asks me, “That one has nuts, daddy?” and I have to sigh and tell her she cannot get those cookies.

There’s still a chance she will grow out of the allergy. I really hope so. While she seems to like Soy Nut Butter (*shudder*), I can only imagine what her taste buds would think if she had Peanut Butter.

On the plus side, last night, as a family, we made chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

I think she forgot about the Trader Joe’s cookies as soon as she took that first lick from the bowl.


5 Responses to The Peanut Battle: Part V (Nuts to Nuts)

  1. whit says:

    wow, that’s a tough one, I hope she grows out of it

    why does every factory also work with nuts? why don’t they just have a nut factory?

    [Kaz: I miss the days when they were all processed at the Fischer Nut Company. Now, THEY took the nut very seriously…]

  2. As it turns out, The Squeaker is allergic to boys. So that means no dating until she is at least 30. maybe 40 to be on the safe side.

    I know what you’re thinking – what about you, smart fella. You are a male of the species; shouldn’t she be allergic to you?

    The answer is pretty technical, let’s just say there is a vaccination for fathers, but it only works for fathers.

    And it is terribly expensive.

    As well as quite painful.

    [Kaz: the other thing you left out is that if she is exposed to boys, it doesn’t harm her — it harms the father!]

  3. Darren says:

    That is tough. I hadn’t read all of your posts about peanut butter and just read back. We don’t have allergies in the family, but I’ve wondered a lot about having to deal with them. (I’ve also wondered why so many more kids seem to have them now…when I went to school I never heard of it.) It’s gotta be tough to have to stay away from nuts. I also wonder if people with shellfish allergies have to stay away from the beach.

  4. We are doing a Gluten Free diet with our sons (and selves) since our son was diagnosed with Aspergers and Casein and Gluten Free diets have helped other on the Spectrum.

    Now, they don’t have Celiac (gluten intolerance) but I can feel your pain about having to read labels! UGH! It’s a nightmare.

  5. ray nwam says:

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