Conversations With…: Pretending

Some of the more interesting conversations happen after I pick my daughter up from Big Girl School*:

Me: What did you do at school today, sweetie?
Daughter:  Me and Timmy pretended the slide was a bunk bed.
Me: That sounds like fun…
Daughter: I had a small bunk bed and Timmy had a big bunk bed.
Me: Ahh… who was on the top bunk?
Daughter: Timmy was on the top.
Me: And you were on the bottom?
Daughter: Yeah…
Me: …
Daughter: Daddy? What’s a bunk bed?

* I’ve also found out that the daughter of one of her teachers, who also attends the same Big Girl School, taught her father what they say in Australia (“G’day, mate!”) and France (“Huhn, huhn, huhn!”) and England (“Eve’nin’ Guv’nuh!”). I think I may have started a new preschooler trend.


One Response to Conversations With…: Pretending

  1. Whit says:

    What are they saying in France?

    [Kaz: Well, I’ve heard about this town in France… I guess there’s this hole in the wall, see…]

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