Post-Holiday Update

Sorry I don’t have much today, but the holiday and working some more on the Big Girl Room (I gotta say – the Blik wall decals look awesome – I am working on a post regarding this), has made time very short lately. That, and upcoming hospital tours and meeting with a doula makes this week pretty crazy, as well.

We are definitely in scramble mode, as the new baby gets closer to arrival.

That being said, here is a conversation I overheard my daughter having with her Uncle up at the cottage:

Daughter: I like to toot. Do you like to toot?
Uncle: Oh, I love to toot. It’s a lot of fun.

She really loves hanging out with our extended family. The nice thing is that Ms. Kaz’s parents are inching (millimetering?) closer to retirement, and will be spending more time in their cottage, once it is built. Which is nice, because it is a lot closer to us.

That’s one of the things I feel bad that my daughter does not have – more interaction with our families.


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