iPod Touch

iPod TouchHoly…!

I think my Christmas list (if I can hold out that long) just got started.

Apple is finally releasing a Phone-less (and therefore AT&T-less) iPhone, known as the iPod Touch, and it looks sweet!

Yeah, I know – this has nothing to do with being a dad…

Maybe I can justify this as, as, as, a good way to share video and photo of the new baby? Or, or, as a portable entertainment device for my daughter? Or maybe my wife’s Palm Pilot replacement.

If you need to know more, go here until the Apple Store is back up.

(due out sometime in September. Man, I hope the corporate discount on this is good)

(Oh, yeah, remind me to ask you all about Baby Monitors soon. Start thinking about them.)


2 Responses to iPod Touch

  1. You mean that you haven’t figured out how to justify the purchase of your iPod Touch by configuring it as your baby monitor? For dads everywhere, we need to get on that. (But wait, it’s not just a baby monitor, it slices and dices . . .)

    [Kaz: You know… I bet I could use the iPhone for a monitor. You may have just answered my upcoming post!]

  2. Papa Stevo says:

    Came across this post looking for “IPOD touch as baby monitor”. I am one of those dads that, if I can demonstrate this is possible, will get the green light on IPOD touch purchase. Dads unite! Robert Scoble are you listening?

    [Kaz: Unfortunately, I think Steve Jobs left out the mic on this one…]

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