September 28, 2007

We’re getting closer to the boy’s arrival.

Assuming he doesn’t come this weekend, I hope to get an update on the Maxi-Cosi Mico and a final Big Girl Room update out before Monday.

In the meantime, here are a few random thoughts…

  • I’ve read AJ’s comments over at DaddyTypes for, like, years now. But I had only occasionally visited Thingamababy. Then he referenced my WeeGo Bottle story (as far as I can tell, I scooped everyone on the date and price – yay, me!), and I’ve been visiting daily. I’m really starting to dig his blog.
  • Another blog I am digging lately is ApartmentTherapy’s nursery section.
  • I’m beginning to think I am using this baby as an excuse to buy (or at least drool over) cool new baby gadgets…
  • Never tell about-to-be-first-time-dads that you think those stroller/carseat combos they sell at Babies-r-Us are crap. Odds are, they’ll respond, “oh, that’s the kind we got.” and then you have to back-pedal. Not that I am speaking from experience, mind you.

If I don’t post this weekend, have a good weekend! Looks to be beautiful here.

Big Girl Room: Part IV – Via Toy Box

September 26, 2007

Via Toy BoxI loved these when I first saw them… uhm… on some blog somewhere. Probably on Daddytypes. I knew I had to find an excuse a justifiable reason to have these in our home.

I mentioned them very briefly before, but Via Toy Boxes are very nice quality, configurable storage options for, well, I guess not just for kids necessarily, but they definitely seem targeted to kids.

Basically, you are purchasing each individual box. You get your choice of shape (or door) and color for the front. The rest of the box can we either natural or white. Each side and top and bottom of the box has 4 holes in it for attaching boxes together (with supplied hardware).

This allows you to configure them any way you want. With the space we had, we went 2 wide by 3 tall (click photo for larger version). But, you can do whatever you like (although bases and tops are only available for certain widths).

To help you, Via will send you a kit with cutouts for the boxes, shapes and colors. You can cut these out and plan your configuration. There are also ideas and pre-configured (but not pre-assembled) options on the website.

Now.. how easy are they to put together?

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Big Girl Room: Part III – More Blik

September 23, 2007

Taking my expertise garnered from my previous Blik wall decal installation, I decided I was ready to tackle the alphabet…


Of course, that meant 26 of these things to put on. And, with an alphabet, it isn’t like you can just leave the decal off if you screw it up. Not that my daughter would know for a white yet.

I decided to go window-to-window, going over the bed and the toy box. There was a little more wall than I wanted to use, so there were some gaps between letters that were bigger than I wanted. But I also wanted to overlap some letters.

The experience with the flowers helped, although I still had the occasional difficulty with getting them to stick to the proper sheet. The advantage of these were that they were smaller than the large flowers.

There were many new difficulties I face with the letters, however… (more after the jump) Read the rest of this entry »

Big Girl Room: Part II – The Flensted Mobile

September 19, 2007

butterfly1My daughter wanted a butterfly mobile. I didn’t want a cheesy mobile. Luckily, there was Flensted.

The mobile is actually a kit. The wiring is all done for you, but the butterflies you assemble yourself. There are 4 pieces to each each butterfly.

The body is made of a spongy kind of material, much like what those little put-it-together-yourself little toy gliders are now made out of.

You poke a hole all the way through where the antenna goes, and push the antenna through, centering it. The antenna is made of plastic, halfway between the width of fishing line and the line for a weed whacker.

Next, you pick two pieces for the wings. This is made of more durable, yet flexible plastic. The nice thing is that you pick your color combinations yourself. They give you more wings than you need for the mobile, so you can make many combinations. My daughter had fun helping me pick out the combinations.

The string for hanging it is way longer than you could possibly need, which is nice. I actually trimmed mine very short to discourage my daughter from standing on her bed and attempting to reach the mobile.

butterfly detailWe placed it over her bed, where the dragon was in her old room, near her feet. I actually used it the first night, telling my daughter, “if you have trouble sleeping, just watch the butterflies, and they will help you fall asleep.”

On the second morning, she told me, “I watched the butterflies last night!”

And they look great in the new room (click on pics for larger versions).

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Coming Soon: More Big Girl Room Updates, including more Blik and Via Toy Boxes.

It really was on fire…

September 18, 2007

Today at Big Girl School, my daughter’s class was walking to the park. As they reached the top of a hill, they saw the lights of fire trucks, and realized there was a house on fire along their route to the park.

As they stood there and watched, my daughter said, “the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!”

Tuesday Quickies (product updates)

September 18, 2007

I’m still loading in pictures of the Big Girl Room. Maybe I will have another update tonight. In the meantime, here’s some quickies, including some updates on product decision…

  • After seeing, and talking to an owner of, the Phil & Ted’s E3 Sport front-to-back stroller, we’ve decided to go with it as our double stroller. It is very adaptable, and the second seat can be removed when not in use. We’ll see how the car seat fits in it. It certainly can’t fit worse than the Snap-n-Go frame we owned for about a week.With the Maxi-cosi Mico, there were two problems with the Snap-n-Go. A lot of car seats snap onto a bar on the stay-in-the-car base. The Mico is the opposite. The bar is on the car seat, and the base latches on to it. This means that little groove that makes car seats easy to fit onto shopping carts and, well, Snap-n-Go frames, is not there.

    The second problem is the “foot” of the car seat is, apparently, wider on the Mico, and doesn’t really fit between the handle bars on the frame. These two things mean you are relying solely on the strap to hold the car seat in the frame. I was not happy with that.

  • We posed the night light question to our daughter, and she chose… the Mobi TykeLight. I think she made this decision solely on the picture on the site of the kid in bed with one. I’ve warned her she cannot sleep with it in bed. We’ll see how well that one was retained.
  • We’re going with glass bottles for the moment. We’re hoping we won’t need to use bottles as much as with our daughter. We hope to get by with a few glass, and, when they finally arrive, maybe a couple of the WeeGo bottles for travelling.
  • Non-product update: My daughter’s forehead is healing slowly, but steadily. It doesn’t look like she’ll wind up with a lightning-bolt shaped scar (my wife nixed the pen knife idea). Hopefully, she’ll end up with no scar, but I told her to tell the boys she got it from playing hockey.

Big Girl Room: Part Ia – first night

September 16, 2007

Tonight is the first night in the Big Girl Room.

I hope my daughter isn’t too excited to sleep.

She was crazy-excited earlier.

Wish us luck.

(More Big Girl Room updates with pictures soon!)