The stroller flip-flop

I read today that John McCain said Hillary Clinton “flip-flops on Iraq”. Okay, it appears he didn’t actually use that term, as far as I can tell. But he did use the argument. Doesn’t he know that accusations of doing a Flip-Flop are so 2000 ??

That being said, I have been doing some flip-flopping (flipping-flopping?) of my own on the whole double-stroller thing. Here are the facts:

  • We need a new infant car seat for the baby.
  • We would like a stroller that the car seat can fit into.
  • We believe we need a double stroller.

Or do we? That’s what I got to thinking last night. Double-strollers are decently pricey. Maybe not 2x a single stroller, but more than a single stroller. We really like that Phil & Ted’s E3 Twin side-by-side. We then need something we can put our Mico (yeah, we ordered one the other day) in. Preferably a single stroller.

Ms. Kaz leans toward one of those frame jobbies, since they are less expensive.

I lean toward a Zapp, because, well, they are cool.

Here are the arguments I’ve come up with recently:

  • Knowing our daughter, she will sit in the double 3 or4 times, then never want to sit in it again.
  • Even if she does, she’ll only be able to ride in it, perhaps, another year, due to weight limitations.
  • 4 or so months of that year will be winter, so use will be limited.
  • 3 days a week, she’ll be at daycare anyhow.
  • 2 days a week, I will be home, and thus able to push another, separate stroller.
  • Not buying a double will free up some money to buy a nicer stroller that the carseat can fit in, such as a Quinny Zapp (or maybe a Bugaboo Bee – I haven’t found any additional confirmation the Mico fits in one of these).
  • The Zapp folds up nice and compact, and is easy to take on long trips.
  • Once the baby can sit in a stroller, or at the very latest, outgrows the carseat, the frame-type stroller is useless.
  • Did I mention the Quinny strollers as cool?

Our current plan of attack is to not attack. We’re gonna wait a bit and see what our needs are. Ms. Kaz also mentioned that, at least for a while, she could push our daughter and carry The Boy in a sling, as well.

Anyone see any holes in my logic..?


3 Responses to The stroller flip-flop

  1. Dan says:

    I personally hate stollers and refuse to use one. I put my 10 month old in the baby backpack and my three year old daughter walks.

    In this way I am actually able to enter shops and navigate pavements (translation: sidewalks)

  2. paula says:

    Your arguments really support the Standard e3 (not the side-by-side). That back seat comes off and on super easily, so it can be attached when/if she wants to sit down. Geez, I sound like I’m getting a commission on this! LOL! No, I just think it’s a great stroller and has worked really well for us.

  3. potentialandexpectations says:

    From everything you’ve said, I’d suggest the Phil&Ted’s Standard E3 as well. It folds down quite flat, the big wheels are silent (I’d be afraid the Quinny’s might clack-clack-clack on pavements), it converts easily to a one-child stroller if your daughter prefers not to ride in it, and it’s light and a dream to push. I love the fact that it isn’t any bigger than your average single pushchair.

    It really is a great design. Can you tell that I looooove ours? LOL!

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