Hospital Tour and Painting (a.k.a. My Weekend)

We’re getting closer. At least, our daughter is.

She’s spent the last 3 days bouncing off the walls with excitement due to all the Getting Ready For Baby changes.

This weekend, I spent several hours both days painting her Big Girl Room. Man, I hate painting. I will say that I did a fairly good job this time with taping and with edging along the ceiling.

Don’t buy those edger things with the rollers. I tried that. First time, 8 inches before the compartment housing one of the wheels filled with paint and the wheel tracked some paint along the ceiling. I thought I was careful. I tried to be, because I had read the warnings in the reviews. I let it dry and tried in the afternoon. This time, it only last 6 inches.

I did the wall-ceiling edge by hand. I don’t have a lot of patience, but I managed. The best advice I got here was to get a really good brush. That definitely helped.

We used the Sherwin-Williams non-VOC and low-odor paint. I really wanted to use this to eliminate the VOCs in that room. The problem is (and I am glad the kid at the Sherwin-Williams store told me) is that whatever they eliminate to get rid of the VOCs affects the paint in a way that you need two coats. Even if the wall you are painting is white.

The second coat was a bit easier because (a) all the tape was still in place, and (b) I didn’t really have to get all the way to the edge of the ceiling this time.

My daughter would come in during this process several times and say, “wow!” or “that’s really cool!” I made it worth it. And she doesn’t even know about the Blik wall decals yet…

Last night, we went to the hospital for their Sibling Tour. She could hardly sit still through a lot of it. But it was good for her to see the hospital, and the bed mommy will be on, etc. I think she was really in awe when we got to see the babies. Even I had forgotten just how small they are.

It was hard to keep her still. Especially at the end, when we had the pre-registration paperwork to fill out. She was just all excited.

We went for pizza afterwards. That got me all excited.


2 Responses to Hospital Tour and Painting (a.k.a. My Weekend)

  1. Nice work on the painting. I hate, hate, hate painting as well, which meant that Mama did most of it while I busied myself with my own crafts project: making excuses. Mama insisted that we do all of it pre-pregnancy, which you would think would motivate me, but nothing can make me want to paint. Extra slice of pizza for you on the painting thing.

  2. cryitout says:

    I hear you — I see newborns now and they look like aliens again, as opposed to something I once cradled in my arm. Big Girl Room — great idea!


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