Not just a Wee bit green

Wee Generation

As I agonize over whether to buy the Maxi-Cosi Mico car seat without seeing one in person first, I find myself drifting back to the BabyStyle website over and over. Today, I noticed a link talking about a new website, Wee Generation, which is a collaboration between green products producer, 7th Generation, BabyStyle, and Healthy Child Healthy World (formerly CHEC), an organization which helps promote a healthy environment for our children.

This site was created to help educate parents on how they can become “Greener”, for their children’s sake, as well as, apparently, to one day move merchandise make green products available to parents. They are starting with “the first diaper bag to be Cradle-to-Cradle certified, and they are looking for input on design. If you add you input, you will be eligible to win one when they are produced.

They are also giving away organic baby tees, and a green nursery make-over.

Eventually, there’ll be more tips and a blog for info on Green Parenting (note to Wee Generation: my email address is over there to the right if you need writers).

It looks like it could be something very fun and exciting, so check it out.

(I also didn’t realize BabyStyle had a Green Shop here.)


2 Responses to Not just a Wee bit green

  1. titus2woman says:

    COOL! Thanks for the heads up! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. Man, as much as I try to be green and my known Bag Fetish, I would so want to get that Green Bag. However, the internal environmentalist in my brain is winning that to be even GREENER I shouldn’t even try to win as my “used to be Toddler” is *sniff* *sniff* getting bigger each day.

    However, I know of a couple of expectant couples that might just love a green bag, it might be the concept that pushes them greener… we are trying to convert them to cloth diapers… hmmmm…

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