Prince, in need of rescuing

princess tMy daughter is smack-dab in the middle of her Princess obsession.

It doesn’t help that my brother- and sister-in-law bought her a princess costume (not Disney, don’t worry) for her birthday. When she gets home, I doubt it is ever more than 10 minutes before she wants to put her Star Dress on. Oh, and the “glass slippers” (really just cheap plastic – i.e. slippery on our hardwood floors – shoes she got as a present).

This doesn’t bother me. Much. She looks adorable in the outfit.

It doesn’t even bother me (much) that she likes to act out some of her Princess Stories (in this case, almost exclusively Disney).

What tends to be exhausting is that I am rarely ever Daddy anymore. I am The Prince. Or Prince Eric. Or Aladdin. Or Prince Whomever. Oh, sometimes I get to be Beast (“I’m beauty, and you’re the beast!”).

A month or so ago, I asked her if she wanted to be a princess when she grew up. She told me, “I am a princess!”

It even happens out in public. The other day, we were outside and some teenage girls walked by. They said, as they all tend to, “Hi! I like your dress!” When I was introduced as Prince Eric, they were suddenly, like, “ooooookaaaaaay.”

At the pizza place this week (Modern Apizza in New Haven – yummy), she was Snow White and I was Sneezy (Finally, not a prince!). That was all well and good until the waitress came over and my daughter pointed and said, “YOU’RE DOPEY!”

“Heh heh,” I said, “we’re, uh, pretending to be Snow White, heh heh.” When the waitress came back, my daughter made up for it by declaring her Cinderella instead.

Can’t we pretend to be frogs, like we used to? Or maybe something new, like Astronauts, or, or, people who sleep a lot? Daddy would like that.

I’m not worried. My daughter comes from a long line of strong women. She has a lot of positive role models in her life. She’ll do fine. I’m not sure about me. I may not survive.

Yeah, I know – when she’s older, I’ll miss playing the part of the prince. Hopefully, though, I’ll always be a prince to her.

(You can buy your own “Princess, not in need of rescue” t-shirt here for, yowza, $39-42.)


2 Responses to Prince, in need of rescuing

  1. Terry says:

    WOW! And all I get labeled is some Thomas character, when I am a goody Daddy.

    Right now I am just “Engine Level 3”

    [Kaz: Sounds like some kind of Thomas role playing game. “I’m a level 3 chaotic-good Engine”.]

  2. L.A. Daddy says:

    Prince Kaz! I like it!

    So far, we’ve had no obsessions, but she does like her Princesses. She’s even see them “live” at Disneyland, but she’s not head over glass slippers. Yet. One more trip and we’re probably screwed.

    Oh, and enjoy Prince. I get “monster” so you should be happy đŸ™‚

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