Of strollers and car seats…

Besides doing some work on my daughter’s New Room*, Ms. Kaz and I spent a good chunk of the weekend trying to figure out what kind of stroller (a little bit of time) and car seat (a lot of time) to get for when the new guy comes.

We were pretty sure we were going with the Phil and Ted’s double stroller, front-and-back. Then Ms. Kaz saw the side-by-side Phil and Ted’s. This is when we decided we wanted that one. Of course, the one place that has them on the showroom floor near us had hours which did not fit into our nap schedule. We still want to see one in person, but this is the far-and-away favorite right now.

Then came the discussion on strollers…

I really wanted to check out the Maxi-cosi carseats now that they are over here in the US, and I’ve only heard good things about them. We finally tracked down a Target that had them. They seemed really nice. But we were sure we wanted one with a base which stays in the car, and the seat snaps in. That way, we can buy a base for each car. The Maxi-cosi didn’t have that.

That narrowed our choices down to the BabyTrend seats, or the Graco Snugride.

I like the BabyTrend a lot more. We had this seat with our daughter (and then gave it away), and liked it a lot. But the Graco gets great safety ratings, and seems to fit onto every car seat adapter for strollers. “And we could buy one of those frame strollers you place the carseat on!” Ms. Kaz added.

After some back-and-forth, Ms. Kaz added, “Well, if one of the sides of the stroller will lay flat, we don’t really need a car seat adapter.”

This statement just made the decision more difficult.

Anyhow, we’re torn between the Graco and the BabyTrend (we’ll get the Maxi-cosi when the boy outgrows this one), and we’ve decided to put the decision off do a little more research.

Any opinions..?

* I managed to fix the door latch on the closet in that room. The house is 80+ years old, and sometimes the door latch and uh, the place it latches, don’t line up. I bought a chisel and some wood putty and relocated, patched and painted this weekend.


6 Responses to Of strollers and car seats…

  1. GeekLady says:

    You can buy extra bases for the Maxi Cosi infant carrier, I think it’s called the Mico, but not for the convertible. It’s also amazing how ugly they managed to make the Cabrio while bringing it to the US.

    [Kaz: Is the Mico available in the US..?]

  2. 1,000,000 or so parents can’t be wrong, so we went with the Snugride. It’s not remarkable, but it got the job done well, especially with our Snap N Go stroller frame. We were sorry to see both of them go–although we kept the stroller frame for next time. The only thing we’ll do differently next time is spring for the pricey Snugride, which has more cushioning. We didn’t realize the difference until we saw a friend’s SR and were struck with mortifying parental shame for depriving 3B of a soft as well as a snug ride. Neither the SR or the SNG will make it into MOMA, but then again, the kid can’t hold his head up or focus more than six inches from his face, so how will he know?

    *strike plate

  3. paula says:

    My 2 bits:

    1) I HIGHLY recommend the Graco Safeseat, because it fits a child up to 30 lbs and 35 inches. Came in handy for us when Nicholas arrived at 9.5 lbs and hit 22 lbs at only 6 months. We’re still able to use it today (he’s sitting at just under 25 lbs and 30 inches long). Extra base available.

    2) I use the Phil ‘n Ted’s e3 (front/back) with Nicholas and our neighbour (2 yrs old). She has NO issues being in the back seat, even though she rode in front for the first year and a bit. As soon as we started walking the two kids together, she very happily sat in the back. I would find the side-by-side too bulky, methinks.

    3) Does this discussion spread to convertible seats? My choice there is the Sunshine Kids Radian. It’s narrower and taller than most seats, and is approved for air travel (many are not). We expect to have a tall boy, so this one made the most sense. We really like how easily it folds up for travel, too.

  4. Marianne Pyliotis says:

    My name is Marianne Pyliotis and I work for Dorel Juvenile Group as the Manager of Marketing Communications. I came across your blog and wanted to offer some information that may be helpful.

    The Priori is a convertible so the actual car seat does not detach from the base.

    It looks like you are looking for an Infant Car Seat rather than a convertible. In that case it would be the Maxi-Cosi Mico that does have a stay-in-car base versus the Priori convertible.

    Hope this helps.
    thanks, Marianne

  5. Nataly says:

    Hi, Marianna, I saw your comment and I just wonder whether Infant Car Seat of Maxi Cosi (Mico) finally arrived to US. It is advertised everywhere but all locations stays: backordered or estimate delivery – Sep.

    I am watching this item and since I am due mid Sep it becomes sensetive.

    Thanks, Nataly.

    [Kaz: BabyStyle.com is having an invite-only pre-sale right now. If I had to guess, they’ll have some on their website for all in a week or so. That’s just a guess. UPDATE – actually, it looks as if they may be available to everyone right now. Either that or my browser is whacked out.]

  6. Nataly says:

    Hi, there,

    I just saw the famous Maxo Cosi Mico, finallly!

    Since this delivery of Dorelle was shipped to S.Califonria, therefore Californian warehouse got them first. None of them yet reached East Coast.

    It is really cool! It has great causion all around, the base can be adjusted not “to swing” on the back seat.

    I saw 3 of 5 colores: Happy Flowers, Lemonade & Juice.

    Juice & Lemondade fabric reminds knit coton or velour, very pleasant for the little face touch, Happy Flowers (besause the flowers are printed on the fabric) feel less cozy.

    No doubt, this is much higher level product than what was available in US till now from both finish and safety stand points.

    I have purchased Lemonade (though originally planned on Happy Flowers) and hope to start enjoying it from mid September.

    So, if you want to purchase online, http://www.kiwikidsgear.com trully has this item in stock (excl. Penguin color, still missing)

    [Kaz: Thanks for the update! We’ll give some local places a day or so more to get some in stock. If not, we’ll just order one on-line.]

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