End of Week Summary

Hey, all – not only have things been busy, but I haven’t been feeling the creative juices flowing lately. I’ve got a couple ideas for some posts, but I’ve been finding them hard to write the way I want to. Maybe a weekend will help…

Anyhow, here’s some random thoughts going through my head right now:

  • Why is it that characters in childrens’ books seem to be able to exhale helium? Whenever we read about a character in my daughter’s books blowing up baloons, they all seem to float up in the air.
  • I’ve been getting a lot of hits from people looking for info on glass baby bottles. It has to be something with the whole Bisphenol-A in plastics. Well, Born Free makes Bisphenol-A-free plastic bottles, as well as glass bottles. They sell ’em at Whole Foods and Toys-R-Us. While we haven’t decided anything yet (and we have a whole butt-load of Avent bottles in the attic), I think we may go with these when the boy is born. They also have a new vent system in them which supposedly reduces colic symptoms.
  • My daughter went to the zoo the other day with her Big Girl School. When asking her about it (again) this morning, she told me the following: “There was a big blue egg there. Maybe Timmy was borned in there and he hatched from there. Or maybe the wolves peed in the egg.”
  • We had some wasps building a nest in our daughter’s outdoor playscape-thingy. We called the exterminator (“bee guy”) and he took care of things. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot about “the bee guy” the next few days. And remember — the bee guy took the bees away in his truck to a nicer home in the country, GOT IT??

Ok, carry on. Have a good weekend. With any luck, I’ll be doing some painting this weekend. Hopefully, there will not be a lot of swearing.

One Response to End of Week Summary

  1. On the Glass Bottles… is the problem only with heating the plastics? Having the same concern, but stuck with plastics, I never heated the bottles directly (in hot/warm water) and I think there is some concern with freezing the plastics (pumped breast milk in bags come to mind)

    I had to send some naughty wasps to rehab last week myself…

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