Bath Crayons

As I’ve mentioned before, my daughter likes to draw in the bathtub. I think she mostly likes me to draw in the bathtub, but she’ll also draw a little herself.

Well, her old bath crayon was getting a little, how shall we say, gross.

So, we made a note to get her some new ones. When we finally remembered while at the store, we saw these new gel ones from Crayola (apparently called Crayola H2O Bath Gel Pens, but I cannot find a link to the set of three with the colors we have).

gel-pens.jpgThey looked pretty cool. Little plastic tubes filled with colored Gel with a twist top. Would certainly help keep our hands cleaner. Seemed easier to use – just “gently squeeze” and draw. They were also filled with gel, which is much easier to clean off of the tub and my daughter (although, to be fair, she does most of the washing off).

Well, I gotta say, they are a bit of a disappointment.

These suckers are kind of difficult to squeeze. My daughter especially has trouble squeezing and drawing a the same time. They say 3+, but I even have difficulty squeezing and drawing for too long without my hands starting to hurt. “Let’s do it together!” she tells me. Good luck squeezing these things along with your kid without crushing your kid’s hand.

Our set came with green, which works great, and purple and orange, which you can hardly see on the bathtub, let alone on my daughter’s skin. I will say, though, that the green is great for making dots on her skin and pretending (or “making an imagination” as my daughter would say) she has developed some weird disease.

Anyhow, I want to like these crayons – they are a good concept, just executed poorly.

Or maybe I just got a dud package..?


2 Responses to Bath Crayons

  1. Trix says:

    No, we had the same thing. My son could barely use them.

  2. Well if it difficult for you to squeeze then it’s not good but…there is a good thing in this…we can use longer… lol … 🙂

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