Of dresses and little girls…

Maybe I need Bad Hair Dad‘s help with this one.

My daughter loves to wear dresses. I’ve got no problem with her loving dresses. Afterall, she’s like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen when she wears her dresses. And she’s got lots of nice ones.

The problem is, she has a ton of shirts and shorts sitting in her drawers untouched.

I try to steer her toward the shorts and tees every day. She heads right for the dresses.

I asked her why she like dresses so much. The answer should have been obvious — “because”.

I’ve got several theories. I don’t think it has to do (so much) with her being “girly” or because all the Princesses wear dresses (even though she asks us, “Cinderella wears pants?”, “Yep. Cinderella wears pants sometimes.”).

I think it has to do with one of the following, or some combination: (a) ease of getting dressed, (b) ease of going Potty, (c) feeling cooler, (d) feeling less restricted.

Damn, I am starting to think maybe I should wear a dress.

Anyhow, if anyone needs to un-used 3T shorts and shirts, let me know…


4 Responses to Of dresses and little girls…

  1. Dude, I think you’re projecting… these are the same reasons for wearing boxers rather than briefs.

    [Kaz: I dunno, man. I can’t do boxers. I don’t like feeling all loosey-goosey.]

  2. Darren says:

    We have the same issues. I’ve just about convinced Clare’s Mom that we don’t need to buy so many shirts and shorts anymore.

  3. BadHairDad says:

    I hope I don’t let you down with my response ….. 😉

    Actually, this was a stage my now-Eight-Year-Old went through as well, and I’m afraid that we didn’t really emerge from it until the second grade.

    What might have begun as a practical matter for potty-training quickly becomes socially reinforced when everyone compliments her dress. Good luck fighting that!

    BY the way, we also had to go through the “only-danceable dress” stage (the skirt/dress had to be free flowing and swirl like a whirling dervish when the wearer was dancing). Then we had the “tights under dress” stage in Kindergarten. By the end of Kindergarten, we had the parentally-imposed “pair of shorts under the dress” stage …. which eventually gave way to just shorts.

    I know it’s a few years away for you, but I have noticed on the average school playground, I can now accurately identify a girl’s grade level based almost exclusively on their skirt/tight/short/pants/jeans choices on a pleasant (aka “self-dress”) day.

    My Three-Year-Old hasn’t been to the “skirt only” stage yet, so I have to think more about why we *may* have skipped it.

    … BHD

  4. […] really. But Kaz over at “I Hate Snaps” did ask me a question about girls and dresses a few days ago: Maybe I need Bad Hair Dad’s […]

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