Planet Saturday

A lot of people email me, asking me to look at this, review that, advertise such-and-such (okay, not a lot of advertising offers, but if you’re out there and have deep pockets, the email address is there to the right).

A while back, I received an email about a site called Planet Saturday. This site is part comic strip, part, well, part blog, only with one entry a month. It is run by a dad who is very involved in raising his daughter (or so his business parter, Kelli, tells me).

I checked it out back then, put it on the back-burner until I was in need of something to post.

Well, here’s a post about it…

The drawings are gorgeous. The strip is a very interesting, sometimes fun look into the author’s life. Many of the strips revolve around his daughter. Some are about when he was a kid. Often, the two intersect.

I wouldn’t say all the strips are laugh-out-loud funny strips. I don’t know if they are all meant to be. But, as a father of a girl myself, sometimes I can nod my head and relate.

I think the link is something worth passing on. I know some of you may not like the strip. Others will. But I thought I’d share.

Us fathers stick together.


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