Light up my life…

One thing that is still unsettled for my daughter’s new room (besides actually painting and putting everything together – I’ve got as lot still sitting in boxes) is a nightlight. Currently, we use this wall-mounted moon from IKEA. This light is nice, but… even with the lowest wattage bulb we could find, it still gives off a lot of light.

We’re hoping we can move her to a much dimmer light in the new room. And I’ve narrowed my choices down to four:


1) Offi – I love these Offi Dachshund lamps. Low voltage (12v), with replaceable bulbs, they give off a soft glow, and are available in several colors (many of the cooler ones not available until September). I have no idea how these are turned on and off. But they are pretty cute. Drawback – they generally go for about $59.


2) IKEA – Similar to these, IKEA offers their SPOKA nightlights. Supposedly “ghosts” (like I’d tell my daughter this), they can be turned on and off by pressing. Having played with these a bit, I am not sure how easily they can be turned on and off by a three-year-old. These lamps give off a softer glow, and, like the Offi, sit on a table or other flat surface. Unlike the Offi, they are just $14.99. However, the bulb is not replaceable, which means, you could eventually spend more on the SPOKA than the Offi.


3) Candeloo – the Candeloo lights are pretty sweet, as well. I got to see some of these “in the wild” over the weekend, and they really are pretty nice. That being said, they are more for kids to navigate their way around at night than they are for use as a nightlight. They sit on their rechargeable base, and automatically turn on when removed from the base (or in the event of power failure). There are no exposed contacts, and you get two of them. They are about $50. One other drawback – they are recommended for ages 6 and up. Not so good for a three-year-old.

egg lamp4) Uhmm… You know, when I started this post this morning, I definitely had 4 night lights in mind, but now I am not sure what the fourth one was. The only thing I can thing of is my several-year-long lust for the J Schatz Egg Lamps. These ceramic beauties are egg shaped and project “stars” on the ceiling and walls. I’ve always had a personal desire for a “star” lamp myself. The drawback of these, for a three-year-old, are (a) it is ceramic, and (b) they are $125. They are available in 10 colors. If you aren’t interested in a night light, the egg birdhouses and birdfeeders are pretty sweet, as well.

So there are my choices. Of course, like most choices, I haven’t run any of them by Ms. Kaz yet, but I’d have to say the dachshund lamps may be the front runner. I’d ask my daughter, but, well, I’m afraid she’d choose the egg lamp.

Anyone else found some kick-ass night lights?


5 Responses to Light up my life…

  1. L.A. Daddy says:

    We use a regular night light but because it is so bright… we actually put it in our bathroom (which is next to LA Toddler’s room.) That way, it serves two functions. Give her some light, but also gives all of us some wattage in case of a late night excursion to the restroom…

    [Kaz: When our daughter was a baby, we kept the door closed to keep the cats out. Now she is used to the door closed. Plus, the nightlight in the bathroom shines right at my side of the bed (we keep the door open to keep cats from being annoying because they are totally excluded). It just is a no-win situation for us with bathroom nightlights.]

  2. paula says:

    Hmm, the code didn’t work – the nightlight is:
    Tykelight by Mobi

    [Kaz: That may actually be the mysterious 4th one I was thinking of. Kind of like the Candeloo, but with better battery life…]

  3. pickle says:

    Check out there are some other fun light options that you might like.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Those are all really cute. The Spook lights are very cute- also rechargeable they should come with a charger 😉

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