This is planet Earth

… you’re looking at planet Earth. Bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop…

Welcome what I can only assume are aliens looking for planet Earth. I’ve been getting pounded (well, for me, anyway) by people searching the internet for “Earth” (or “earth” or “EARTH”). Not sure why. I’d take you to my leader, but, well, I think he’s an alien, so you probably already know him.

Anyhow, I haven’t posted in a while, so you’re probably wondering if I’ve been kidnapped by aliens. Well, no. But I have been pretty busy. Especially at work. Except for today, when our network was down for, like, 3 hours, and I had to play about 20 games of bubble hockey (yeah, at work… cool, eh?).

Here’s a few things happening:

  • I’m still preparing my daughter’s new room for painting. We’re still on target for purple. She told someone recently that I was going to paint her windows green. Uh, wha? I think she is thinking of our discussion about green curtains.
  • Oh, and it is still, in her mind, a “Tinkerbell bedroom”. I’m searching now for some small, subtle Tinkerbell wall decals I can discretely sprinkle around the room.
  • And I am leaning toward Sherwin-Williams’ Harmony (low- and no- VOC paints). Possibly “Kismet” for the color.

Okay, that was an update entire composed of moving my daughter into her Big Girl Room. Not much else going on these days, other than avoiding coming up with a boy’s name…

What’s new in your world (Earth, or otherwise) ??


4 Responses to This is planet Earth

  1. Molars. Temper tantrums. Pinching. And planning for 3B’s first birthday party. I believe Ike had an easier time planning D-Day than we’ve had. I thought we just had to order the keg and some pizzas and we’d be good. Not so much.

    [Kaz: Ohmygod – you aren’t having the party at home, are you? Did I warn everyone a few posts ago about doing that? Pizza and beer is a must, though…]

  2. Terry says:

    I got a 2yo who will do everything Potty Training except for pee in the toilet (but no pressure yet). 4yo, apart from losing his glasses, is being uneventful.

    I like the idea of the earth friendlier paint. I’ll have to check into that next time we start a project.

    Boy Names… hmmm…I dunno… ‘Earth’?

    [Kaz: Nahh, I get enough hits from ‘Earth’, already… ]

  3. L.A. Daddy says:

    We’re not going to go crazy on the daughter’s new room for a while. We’ll actually wait until after the new one is born.

    But purple does sound like a paint color in our near future. I’m sure. Or at least pink…

    [Kaz: I dunno, man – part of our reason for doing it before the baby was so our daughter wouldn’t feel like she was getting “kicked out” of her room by the baby… I was wary of purple, but then I saw some rooms done in purple. And they we’re that bad.]

  4. No more pink… please, god… no more pink. I, for one, am tired of pink. But The Squeaker is definitely pretty in pink…

    [Kaz: Maybe she’ll end up with Andrew McCarthy someday… and, little girls are pretty in any color.]

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