I used to post on weekends.

I remember reading that it was one way to increase blog traffic, since most of us slackers take the weekends off (or, like Clare’s dad, take a whole week off).

And, I always intend to, but, well, time always seems to slip away. Just like I always intend to post lots of tips about how to be a Green Parent. Yet, I can never keep up.

I mean, we’ve got one kid and another on the way. There’s no way I could post of whole list of Green tips, let alone post one on the weekend!

Oh, wait. Damn that LA Daddy!!

(I’ll get him. Ms. Kaz is reading that new Harry Potter book (I think it is called “Harry Potter VII”) — I’ll tell LA Daddy the ending!)


2 Responses to Weekendend.

  1. L.A. Daddy says:

    Uhh, being more “Green”, I decided to save a tree and read Harry Potter online… Sorry.


    [Kaz: Well, uhm.. uhm.. you’re on the west coast – expect me to start emailing you what happens in Lost each week. That is, if I can remember this threat until January.]

  2. Darren says:

    I’m not a slacker…I’m just a guy without a laptop…and the desktop didn’t come on vacation with us.

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