Green Baby Announcements

When you have a baby, and are trying to raise a green family, your first challenge could very well be how to announce your new arrival. Okay, it probably won’t be your first eco-challenge, but one of the first you may face after the birth of your little one.

Everyone wants to know, so you gotta let ’em know. Sure, you could e-mail an announcement, but good luck walking
Grandma through the steps of checking her email a month later when you ask her how she liked the announcement, and she says, “What announcement?”

birth announcmentsWell, thanks to the folks at, I found out about these really nice eco-friendly announcements from Fine Moments (those Babble folks do surprise me now and then).

There’s a gazillion (that’s a word now, right?) choices, and I like them all. You can add your own photo, and inside message. No wood is used anywhere in the manufacturing process, according to their website(I guess they don’t put the paper on wood pallets…) Anyway, the key is, they are printed on 100% recycled paper (unlike that Harry Potter book you are going to buy).

No word on eco-friendly inks, so I assume traditional inks.

These could very well be the front runners for our baby announcements in a couple months. Relatives only. The rest of you can read it here.

(100% recycled paper birth announcements from Fine Moments, starting at $3.85 per — good lord, is that what announcements cost these days??)


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