Something going on this Friday??


So, apparently, there is some book coming out this Friday. Hairy Porter? Harry Petter? Something like that. I guess they expect a lot of copies to be sold..?

That’s right, it is the riveting final installment of Harry Potter’s Magnificent Adventures in the School for Wizardly Wonder (a.k.a. Deathly Hallows).

And, hey, all you Green Parents should be happy — it is being called the Greenest Book Ever. And just look at all the trees and resources they are saving! Scholastic’s US printings are creating this savings by printing on paper which is 65% certified ancient forest friendly. Err…

And we find out Harry Potter is dead! Dead wrong about just how green this book really is.

Is this really a case of The-More-You-Spend, The-More-You-Save? The resource savings is likely driven to such high numbers due to the sheer volume of books produced. But could you not also say that because of this volume, this book has the potential to also be the least eco-friendly book ever..? As TreeHugger points out, this book could also use more trees than any other book published this year.

(Read more @ EcoGeek, via

Maybe I am being a little too hard on them – I mean, Scholastic could be doing a lot worse. I am always happy to see company’s taking steps (every little bit helps, right?). But they could also have used 100% recycled paper, as per Ms. Rowling’s request(those of you in Canada are getting a much greener version of this book).
Still, your best bet is to get it from the library, or borrow it from a friend when they are finished reading (you may have to wait until Saturday morning to borrow one). If only there was an electronic version available. If only. Ahem.

Oh, yeah, apparently these books encourage kids to read and turns their souls over to Satan.


One Response to Something going on this Friday??

  1. whit says:

    Oh man, I can’t wait!

    I mean, yeah, that sucks about the carbon footprints.

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