Holy Cow! Moo Stickers!

I remember reading about Greg’s love affair with Moo Business Cards and then Moo Note Cards over at daddytypes.

They were pretty cool, taking your Flickr images (I think they work with other sources, as well), and creating some nice looking cards from them. Did I really have a use for them? Meh. Not really. But they were cool looking!

Moo stickers!Well, now they are making stickers! And these are pretty sweet looking. 22 mm (yeah, I had to check, too — about 7/8 of an inch), and printed on scratch-proof vinyl. You get 6 per sheet, 15 detachable sheets per book. $9.99 a book (that’s less than $10 a book!).

And.. and.. well, go check the link and you’ll read all about them.

My daughter’s at that age where she has a love of everything stickers. I may just have to finally give in and get me some Moo.

And my parents and in-laws still go ga-ga over anything grandchild related. I could slap these on some letters (you know, cards and stuff – no one writes actual letters anymore).

(via BoingBoing. Sorry, all the free sticker books have been claimed.)


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