Who are you people??

I can not have a post for several days, and yet still get what for me is a decent amount of hits.

That means either people are getting here via search engines for important product information, such as double strollers, organic products, or their hate for home depot, or “something to wear that starts with k” (dude – kimono), or, more recently, “I don’t want my daughter to be a bird”.

Or, you all are just curious to see if I survived having a birthday party for a three-year-old at my house (not sure yet).

Man, I wish I had some good stories from the party. But I don’t. I don’t understand – it isn’t like I wore a shirt that said, “I am blogging this”… I mean, you’d think this would be a perfect thing for some good stories. But, no, we remembered all the food – unlike the year we bought a giant ice cream cake, forgot to put it out for people, then attempted to take it back to Buffalo (6 hr drive) in just a cooler with a couple ice packs (doesn’t work, don’t try it).

There was no break-down — Timmy was probably missed, but not while my daughter was distracted by all the kids. There was no nap-time break-down. Despite all the excitement, my daughter managed a 1/2 hr nap.

About the only eventful thing is that I went 9 hrs without food Friday due to a visit with a potential client and traffic on the Merrit Parkway. Then I crammed a whole plate of greasy french fries in my stomach and proceded to get sick several times the night before the party (don’t worry, I recovered in time to have pizza and beer).

Things went well. And my daughter seemed to have a lot of fun. I am still recovering a bit, but I promise to be back in full-swing soon(ish).

Oh, we did wind up with a lot of left-over pizza, if anyone wants any (you “New Haven Pizza”, “a-beetz” and “Sally’s Apizza” searchers, I’m looking at you)…


2 Responses to Who are you people??

  1. No wailing breakdowns? No sleep deprived, sugar-amped kids climbing walls and ceilings with a bezerker-like scream piercing the eardrums of anyone over 30?

    Geez, what a let down of a party…

    [Kaz: I agree.. but it was more relaxing that way..]

  2. Darren says:

    I get those people too…even with a week off. Happy belated birthday to your daughter.

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