What? A Year Already?!?

So, as of tomorrow, I will now be doing this a year (My response: “Holy, crap! A year already!? How did I find enough stuff to post about for a year???” Ms. Kaz’s response: “Really? Only a year? It seems longer.”). One of my goals was to present information to help parents be more responsibly green.

I can’t say I’ve been a runaway success with that, but it hasn’t been a failure.

That being said, I wanted to point out a great discussion over at DaddyTypes about reponsible toy makers. This is beginning to come down to which ones make toys with lead-free paint, environmentally conscious woods, and free of chemicals.

There are some great suggestions there. Check it out, and if you know of a great toy company, please add your comments.

Or add them here if you don’t want to head to DaddyTypes. But if you’ve never been to DaddyTypes, you should…


3 Responses to What? A Year Already?!?

  1. Darren says:

    Happy Blogiversary.

  2. cryitout says:

    One year! You definitely deserve a cupcake. And wrapping paper to play with. Can’t wait for another year!

  3. Congrats! And think of all the blogiverse friends you’ve made. We’re all a little better for having read your blog.

    But only a little better 😉

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