Where’s the harm??

Okay, I am working on some quickies for later, but I wanted to post this quick this morning…

I know children are not our playthings. I know they shouldn’t be manipulated (much). But if they aren’t here to amuse us, why are they so amusing?

I see no harm in teaching my daughter to say, “G’day, mate!” and “Ev’nin’, guvnuh!” It is funny to hear her say it, especially unprompted to random people. I sure hope she says it at school.

But I am wondering if it is pushing it to far to want to show her the Fish Heads video (ahh, that brings back memories) and hope she starts singing it at school..?

And teaches the other kids to sing it.


One Response to Where’s the harm??

  1. whit says:

    What’s the point of having kids if you can’t mold them into some fun?

    [Kaz: Well, I knew I’d have at least one ally in you!]

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