Hangin’ Around (with Flensted)

My daughter has always struck a nice balance between being “girly” and being a bit of a “tomboy”. I’ve always thought of it as a nice balance because, while I enjoy playing hockey with her, rough-housing with her, and making burp and fart noises with her, I always found it very cute the way she played tea party, or with her dolls, and, gosh, she sure looks adorable in a dress.

Well, lately, she’s skewing a bit more toward the girly side. I don’t know if it is because baseball is the only major sport going on right now, or what. But she’s been playing Mommy with her dolls quite a bit lately.

Which is okay. In fact, I really think this has to do with the upcoming arrival of her baby brother, and she’s excited about it. Just wait until she sees what it is really like!

But, as I’ve mentioned before, we’re prepping her Big Girl Room so that the baby can move into the nursery. Our strategy is to make this new room so freakin’ cool that she will have no problem with someone else taking over her current room.When she was born, my a cousin of Ms. Kaz gave her a wonderful wooden dragon to hang over the crib. The dragon is supposed to bring good luck. Or maybe provide protection. Maybe both. I dunno. It was a really nice gift, though, and hangs in the same spot, only now over her Big Girl Bed.

My daughter decided it should stay there for the baby. It is one of the things of her’s that she has decided to give to the baby. I am fairly certain several of them will change hands back to her shortly after the baby is born.

monkeytreeBut, anyhow… it meant getting a new mobile for the Big Girl Room.

I am really digging these Flensted mobiles. And I was really hoping she would want this sweet monkey one. I mean, who doesn’t like monkeys? She’s even told me she sometimes dreams about monkeys (even though I know she just makes stuff up when I ask her what she dreamed about).

But when I asked her what kind of new mobile she wanted, she said, “uhm… butterflies!”

Butterflies. Seems a little… girly to me. But it was what my daughter wanted, so… okay. Butterflies it is.

butteryfliesFortunately, Flensted makes a pretty sweet (though not as sweet as monkeys!) butterfly mobile (below). I showed it to Ms. Kaz, and she agreed that it was pretty nice. I asked if we should run it by my daughter. We decided, why complicate the matter by introducing other mobiles into her brain. Like most things, if we just give it to her and tell her it is cool — she’s likely to tell us it is cool (I love this – how long does this last before she decides anything we think is cool is not??).

So, butterflies it is.

I think it is going to fit in nicely in her new room.

Especially once I put up some hockey pennants.

(You can see all Flensted’s mobiles here)
(You can buy the Butterlies mobile cheapest (incl. shipping) at Nova68.com)


2 Responses to Hangin’ Around (with Flensted)

  1. GeekLady says:

    If you like monkey mobiles, you should should check out this: http://www.zacandzoe.com/misc/monkeymobile.html

    However, I mourn it’s lack of bananas.

    [Kaz: Wow! That one is very cute. I wonder if Ms. Kaz would let me get one for myself…?]

  2. Darren says:

    I think the butterflies will look better…especially if the room’s still going to be purple.

    Clare is pretty girly too, but has her moments of boyishness.

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