Conversations With…: Week End Wrap Up

A few miscellany before the weekend:

While my daughter cannot spell, she knows when we are. She must recognize that we are saying letters. In response, she will rattle off a bunch of letters herself. Usually, this is just a random set of letters. However, very often it comes out B-E-E-R-S. I don’t know where she learned that one.

* * *

While my daughter is growing, I love the fact that she still believes in things. We had the following discussion the other night:

Me: You can take your baby brother to Disney and introduce him to Cinderella.
Daughter: Yeah… Is she the real Cinderella?
Me: What do you think? Do you think she’s the real Cinderella?
Daughter: … Yeah.
Me: Then I think she just might be.

* * *

Long live all of us crazy soldiers
Who were born under calico skies
May we never be called to handle
All the weapons of war we despise.

– Calico Skies, Paul McCartney

When my daughter was born, I created a video of pictures of her, her with us, and her with various family members. Recently, she’s really been into me singing this song to her. However, she gets hung up on this verse, asking, “What’s crazy soldiers?” and “What’s weapons?”

We explain that soldiers protect us and weapons are things that people use to hurt other people. We tell her that he doesn’t want people to hurt each other, and that’s why he doesn’t like weapons.

Tonight, after singing this, I got a different question (after the jump…)

Daughter: The Beatles guy doesn’t like when Sammy and I fight?
Me: No. You shouldn’t fight with Sammy. You should be nice to him.
Daughter: … I won’t take a stick and poke Sammy with it.
Me: Okay, good. I’ll let him know. He’ll be happy.

Then, as I was heading out the door:

Daughter: Beatles guy doesn’t want you fighting with people at work?
Me: No, sweetie. I won’t fight with people at work. Good night.

* * *

We’ve never tried to go to a 4th of July parade in our town before. Seems like we were never in town. But we’ve been to Memorial Day parades, and Columbus Day parades, and my daughter really enjoyed them.

This year, we found ourselves home on the 4th – probably because it fell on a Wednesday. We had mentioned the possibility of a parade just a couple times to my daughter. As it got closer, she started to ask us, “Today is July?” (she would never say “4th of July”, it was always just, “July”).

“No, dear, not yet,” we’d tell her. Then, when the 4th came, we could tell her, “Yes. Yes, it is.” She put on her 4th of July dress and was all excited. Throughout the morning, she would say things like, “We’re going to July!” and “I’m going to bring this to July!”

Now, up to this point, we still weren’t sure what were going to do. In the morning, we thought, well, why not check out the parade?

Of course, up to this point, we never really looked into when/where the parade was. Checking that morning, we could find no information that there was any parade here or any of the towns next to us.

“We could walk down there and see..?” Ms. Kaz said (we live a few blocks from where the parades are held). “We could,” I said, “but if we start walking down there, she is going to expect a parade.”

Throughout the day, she continued to ask, “We going to July?” I felt a little bad, even though I knew she’d be okay without seeing a parade.

What kind of town doesn’t have a 4th of July parade?!



5 Responses to Conversations With…: Week End Wrap Up

  1. Dan says:

    Our town doesn’t have a 4th of July Parade.

    But then again I suppose we are in England.

    [Kaz: Well, you still have a 4th of July…]

  2. whit says:

    Disney and the Beatles? This is my kind of post!

  3. whit says:

    oh, and b-e-e-r-s, of course

  4. It’s very sad to know she didn’t get a chance to see parade, for which she was waiting…poor thing.

    I liked her words… July instead of 4th of July.. this is very cute…

    “Daughter: Beatles guy doesn’t want you fighting with people at work?” 🙂

  5. They do seem to pick up quite alarming ideas as to what we do at work. Funnily enough, dudelet has been announcing loudly all afternoon that he “loves beer”, having seen me drinking some. He also informs the childminder when they pass an off-licence that it’s “where we buy daddy’s beer”. All-in-all, beer is going to get me into trouble one day.

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