Sorry, been pretty busy lately, but here are some things which are going on:

  • I’ve been periodically checking out drool.icio.us on Babble.com. It is many of the same folk who spew forth anything child-related on Strollerdeby, but this time with products both new and newly discovered. The good thing is that they cover a lot of Green Baby, Natural and Organic. I’d give you links to the tags, but they haven’t yet been consistantly applying these tagbs. Still interesting to check it out now and then.
  • Stroller decision has been put off in favor of Getting Our Daughter’s New Room Ready and Finding a Name For The Boy.
  • So far, the strawberry cage is holding up. And we’re getting zucchini ready to be picked in the garden.
  • Oh, and my daughter’s turning 3 pretty soon. Holy crap!

2 Responses to Update

  1. L.A. Daddy says:

    Ew, three! The fun days are near their end… Next come the exorcism days!

    We’ve finally settled on a name for LA Fetus, but the middle name is proving a tough challenge…

  2. Katie says:

    As my mom would say, it all goes by so fast…
    Great blog!

    [Kaz: Thanks! And thanks for stopping by!]

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