Long, Crazy Weekend

We survived the rushed weekend back home for my nephew’s graduation party. Although, not without some excitement.

My car was leaking some reddish/pinkish liquid. I took it in to the Toyota dealer (fortunately, there is one not far from my mother’s house), and it turns out it was leaking transmission fluid. Not good. They dug a little deeper and discovered that when my local dealer did the 30k mile service, they overfilled the transmission fluid. I guess it could have been worse. The dealer drained and refilled while I sat and watched CNN and consumed their free popcorn and coffee.

Oh, and a woman taking a test drive drove one of the dealer’s cars into the side of the building, knocking down part of the wall. At least I got some entertainment.

Other than that, my daughter had fun playing with her almost-6-year-old cousin and being more of a social butterfly at the party than I’ve ever seen her be before.

Some quick highlights from the ride home:

  • My daughter wore her Big Girl Underwear on the car ride there and back for the first time. And no accidents!
  • My daughter also named all her toes on the way home. One was named after her, the rest after kids in her Big Girl School. It was interesting to note that the older kids were the bigger toes, and the babies were the littler toes.
  • I taught my daughter to say, “Ev’nin’ Guvnuh!” (yeah, I don’t know why), and she was saying to people at the rest stops. It cracked me up.

I am sure I have More Important Things I Learned to discuss, but I wanted to post to let y’all know I am still here…


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