Where does the time go..?

Good lord, where does the time go?

My nephew was 5 years old when Ms. Kaz first met him. He was just a little kid who would giggle when Ms. Kaz tickled him and would yell, “Missed me! Missed me! Now you gotta kiss me!” and after Ms. Kaz kissed his head, he’d say, “No! On the lips!” which I remember totally shocked Ms. Kaz at the time.

Now, he’s going to be going off to college. His graduation was last night. He’ll be living on his own for the first time. And soon he’ll be voting. Yowza.

And I look at my daughter, and am still amazed at how I can have conversations with her. I look at her laying in bed in the morning when I go to wake her up, and I am amazed at how tall she looks. I look at pictures from just last fall, and she still looks a bit like a baby. I look at her now, and she looks more like a big girl. I can only imagine how big she will look compared to the baby.

I am amazed by the things she can do; change her clothes, go potty by herself, help with cooking, etc. I find it funny how she tells me, before going on the potty, that I need to leave, because she “need[s] some privacy, please.”

And it has been almost a year since I started the blog.

Of course, none of this makes me feel old. No, what makes me feel old is the fact that I am still sore on Friday from playing hockey on Wednesday.

We’re off to my nephew’s graduation party this weekend. Have a good one, everyone!


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