Just a quickie…

Sorry, I’ve been kind of busy, between work and thinking about setting up one of our bedrooms to be our daughter’s new room when the baby comes.

She wants to paint the walls purple. Okay, no problem. “Dark purple!” she tells me. Uhh… I think we’ll go with a lighter purple.

I’m also thinking of getting some of those sweet Blik wall decals for her wall — I’m thinking the flowers and the alphabet ones are the ones we’ll go for. Ironically, the flower ones are shown on a purple wall.

We have a dresser in there already, which was Ms. Kaz’s when she was a kid. The drawers do not open easily, and we’re having a bit of a debate about whether we want that, or if we want drawers she can open easily. Currently, she uses the drawers on the changing table for her clothes. She likes to pick out her own clothes (especially her Big Girl Underwear), so I’m leaning toward getting something she can easily open. Something like this from IKEA. Perhaps the yellow version would look nice with the purple walls.

Unless someone has experience in adding glide rails to drawers which don’t have any…?

Oh, and a quick quote from dinner last night (names have been changed):

Daughter: Stephen likes girls!
Ms. Kaz: Really?
Daughter: He likes to dance with girls!

Ms. Kaz later relayed to me that our daycare provider told her that this same Stephen, all of 1 year old or so, was trying to hug my daughter and she kept yelling, “get him off me! get him off me!”

Good girl.


One Response to Just a quickie…

  1. Darren says:

    Clare’s Mom and I are still using dressers in our bedroom that I had when I was a kid. We took them when we got married and haven’t replaced them yet…we have new furniture everywhere else.

    And for what my opinion is worth (not much I’m sure) I think the white Ikea dresser would look best with light purple walls.

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