Designs on a new nursery

Holy cow, the House & Garden website has some sweet kids’ room designs here. Of course, I have no single room large enough to accomplish anything shown there, but it sure is sweet to look at. I just gotta make sure my daughter doesn’t seem them, or she’ll want them.

Of course, the really nice thing about this section is the inclusion of eco-kid products, and an all too short Q&A with Amanda Moore, an “eco-conscious nursery expert” about creating a green nursery. Ms. Kaz taped a similar program from HGTV the other day (I’ll have to get the name of it), which, again, was way too short. But there are plenty of resources out there.

It is nice to see these topics hitting a little more mainstream media sources.

There’s a lot of other nice stuff in this Design For Kids section, so check it out (thanks to Daddytypes!).

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