Wednesday Quick Stuff

Sorry, just downloaded the new McCartney album off iTunes, so it’ll just be some quickies this morning…

  • My daughter has this thing now where, if you kiss her on the lips, she says, “My lips are red! My lips are red now!” I have no idea where she got this, or what it means.
  • My backyard is waaaaay too small to fly a kite. I know this because my daughter and I tried yesterday. We tried because ever since we told her we had a Snoopy kite, she’s wanted to see it. We told her because we’ve been singing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” at bedtime. We are singing that because we are running out of songs we know the words to.
  • Speaking of Snoopy, and totally unrelated to my daughter, I got my new batch of checks yesterday. But, instead of my usual Snoopy checks, I got Tom & Jerry checks. Ugh. Do I bother contacting the bank? I mean, at least they didn’t send me Garfield checks!
  • We’ve been working on Letters with our daughter. She recognizes B (and just B), so I’ve been trying to get her to figure out B words. “B says, buh. buh. Buh, buh, baby. See? Buh, buh, bug. Bug starts with B!” I was do this the other night when getting her read for bed. Then she’s go, “Buh, buh…” and look around her room, “… ball! Starts with B!” Wow. “That’s right! Ball starts with B!” She did one more word. Wow! Then she said, “Buh, buh… changing table starts with B!” Hmm… then she reverted to something she picked up from the Big Kids at Big Girl School. “Buh, buh… poopy! Poopy starts with B!” Great. I can’t wait for this poopy phase to pass.
  • Remember that re-usable, lead-free lunch bag we got our daughter? I like it. We thought we’d need to be creative to fit some containers in it, but it really isn’t bad for a slightly smaller bag than she used to have. And it is a good size for our daughter to carry. And we can tell it apart from all the Dora and Disney Princess lunch bags.
  • I always used to think it would be fun to live in New York City. We’d have great options for dining (or course, we do in New Haven, too!), great shops, great Culture to expose our kids to. Lots of little parks and playgrounds. Always something to do. But on days when it rains, it reminds me that I am glad that, if I am going to be cooped up, at least it isn’t in a small apartment with lots of kids. Yeah, I know — it is lame, but it helps me get over not living in The City. [Kaz: Don’t worry, Ms. Kaz, I don’t really want to move to NYC!]
  • When we were first pregnant, we had no problem picking out a boy’s name. When we found out we were having a girl, we had a heckuvatime picking out a girl’s name. We love the one we picked. Now, we are having a boy, and we’ve kind of soured a bit on the boy’s name we had picked out the first time. We don’t hate it, we just don’t like it as much as we did. And, of course, now we are having a heckuvatime finding a boy’s name we like.

2 Responses to Wednesday Quick Stuff

  1. Dan says:

    We didn’t feel right using the boys name for my new son that we had had in reserve before we found out my daughters sex (does that sentence even make sense?). It felt like we were betraying the son we had in a parallel universe somewhere.

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