Pick It

berriesI mentioned previously (I think!?) that, in addition to our garden, we are growing some strawberries. We planted them in a planter because (a) we hear they spread like wild fire, and we don’t want that, and (b) our house was built in 1923, so odds are, there’s some lead in our ground soil.

Well, the plants are doing okay, not great.

So, maybe we will take our daughter to a farm to pick some strawberries. We’ve always thought she’d enjoy it. And this year, I think she’s probably old enough to do it. The problem is, where do you find these places?

Well, thanks to Consumerist.com, I found PickYourOwn.org, which has what seems to be a pretty extensive list of pick-your-own farms across the country. And it isn’t just for strawberries – these farms seem to have a pretty good range of fruits and veggies to choose from… at least in our area. There’s even a farm nearby which offers organic produce!

This idea seems like it could result in some good photo opportunities, as well!


2 Responses to Pick It

  1. Dan says:

    do you have any information that actually states that lead is taken up by fruit and veg? I tried to find some on the net but didn’t come up with much. I know that it gets into the water, but not sure if it goes into veg.
    Or is it a case of better safe than sorry.

    [Kaz: Just doing a quick search, I found this page from the California Dept. Of Education. California tends to be a bit ahead of the curve on Being Green, and they downplay it a bit. I have read that certain fruits/vegetables absorb more than others. And in the case of strawberries, we want her to be able to pick them and eat them right off the vine, so… if we can keep her away from lead-contaminated soil, or strawberries which might have gotten “dusted” with contaminated soil, then all the better.]

  2. GeekLady says:

    WIth her being 3ish, don’t count on picking enough strawberries for jam or freezing or such uses though. We always loved going with my mom, but she always preferred going while we were in school!
    If you do manage to come away with a couple of pints of berries, you can make some truely excellent freezer jam with the gelatin boxes from the grocery store though.

    [Kaz: Hmm.. we aren’t vegan, just vegetarian, but we try to avoid gelatin, anyhow. I think, like you said, that at 3, we aren’t expecting much besides going and having a good time picking and eating strawberries. I am not sure either Ms. Kaz or I have the patience or determination for canning/freezing anyhow 🙂 ]

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