Long (and sometimes loooooooong) weekend

Sorry for being gone so long… I intended to do this update last night, but we finally had a chance to watch the season finale of Lost (I’ve got just one word – wtf?!?!)

This weekend, some friends and their 2-year-old came to visit. I knew it would be interesting having 2 two-year-olds in the house. Granted, they were 9 months apart (my daughter being older), but they were still two-year-olds, if you know what I mean.

Two things surprised me. The first was how quickly and how much they took to each other. My daughter especially. It usually takes her a while to warm up to other kids. Well, at least other kids who are coming into her territory house and playing with her stuff. But she took to little, let’s call him Ian, right away. And little Ian was just as excited.

The other thing that surprised me about having them both in the house was just how much my daughter needed to show off. And not in a good way. At two years old, many kids are trying to prove they are the boss and are in control. They are, but as parents, we’re not supposed to let on.

My daughter took many opportunities to throw HUGE hissy fits when not getting her way. And, about the dumbest stuff — not getting to ride in the same car as Ian (during this fit, I was told I was “a bad guy” and that my daughter didn’t want to “ride in my car ever ever ever again”), having to wear socks, not getting to take a bath, etc.

More after the jump…

Thank goodness our friends have kids and likely understand. It was still a little embarassing and a LOT frustrating (ever have those times when you curse long weekends for keeping you aware from work and a chance to relax??).

But thankfully there were a lot of good times, as well…

The Beach

We got to spend a fantastic day at the beach. My daughter loves screaming and running in and out of the water. And playing in the sand. And chasing seagulls. Plus, we got to see crabs (well, parts of them, anyway), and snails.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

We went to the park and IKEA, as well. This is where I learned just how much the phrase, “Monkey See, Monkey Do” applies to my daughter. Everything little Ian was doing, my daughter had to do. At the park, if Ian’s daddy was pushing him in the swings from behind, I had to push her on the swings from behind. If Ian’s mommy took over, Ms. Kaz had to take over. If Ian was tired at IKEA, and was being carried by his daddy, resting his head on his shoulder, guess who had to do the same with me (and this is a girl who usually doesn’t get sleepy and rest on our shoulders). If Ian was riding in the basket part of the shopping cart, guess what?


Anyhow, throw in a visit to one of New Haven’s fantastic pizza places (“What kind of pizza do you want?”, “Red pie with mozz!” I taught her), and a couple trips to the Ice Cream Store, and that’s our weekend. Oh, and…

The Baby Bird

Sunday, I woke up and looked out my kitchen window to see something moving in the back yard. Upon further inspection, it was a baby bird. It was just sitting there cheeping away in a very distressful way. I knew it was a distress cheep because my older cat picked right up on it and sat by the back door eagerly baby birdhoping he could slip out.

While he thought of it as breakfast, I thought it would be a good chance to let the kids see a baby bird close up (without touching, of course). My daughter thought it was fascinating (for about 30 seconds) and had all sort of questions about why it was there and why it was calling for its mommy and daddy and why it fell and why it was there and why why why…

Meanwhile, I got to take some pictures.

Later that morning, I remarked that it was no longer there. “It’s daddy came to get it,” my daughter said. Yes, I am certain some bird, bigger than it, had come and picked it up. It was the bird’s daddy. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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