What I am not writing about…

Well, okay, I haven’t really been writing about anything the last few days, but…

… I am not going to write about the parents who starved their baby (google it, you should be able to find it). You know, the parents who happened to be first and foremost, stupid, and secondly, vegan.

I don’t think it is because I am being defensive because I am vegetarian. Personally, I think eating a balanced diet as a vegan is too much work. And I like pizza too much. But, contrary to what many people have been commenting, it is possible to eat well as a vegan.

Does that include being vegan and pregnant? Or raising a vegan baby? I don’t know. But I would guess there probably is a way to do it right. Again, it takes a lot of work.

But let’s remember, this baby died because the parents were not cautious enough. Not because they were vegans. Anyhow, I am probably just inviting more misinformation to be spread in my comments section.

And I probably should provide helpful links for vegans, but, well, this more of a “get it off my chest” kind of post, and hopefully I can dig up some links if I get less annoyed. Or maybe if I get more annoyed.

*sigh* I’d much rather be thinking about strollers, people…


3 Responses to What I am not writing about…

  1. greg from dt says:

    oy, you and me both.
    these kinds of stories almost always end up to be really unproductive occasions to discuss whatever the alleged topic/problem at hand is.

    [Kaz: that’s why I let you fall into the trap of writing about them! 🙂 ]

  2. Hell, I don’t even want to write about strollers, but I’d take that any day over discussing a child who died–from neglect or any other cause.

  3. […] vegan parents who let their infant starve to death, I’ve wanted to post something about it. Kaz over at I Hate Snaps! beat me to it, writing what I wanted to say, only better and with fewer […]

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