Stroller Decision: BabyPlanet Unity Sport

So, why do I like side-by-side? Okay, maybe it is mostly for looks. And if it is mostly for looks, I blame BabyPlanet’s Unity Sport.

This double stroller is pretty new, so reviews (at least by people who have actually bought it) are a little scarce. I can tell you that it won the JMPA 2007 Innovation Award.

Unity SportI’d like to check one out in person, but I don’t live that close to a Buy Buy Baby store.

Anyway, the things I like about this stroller, besides being side-by-side and the nice styling on it, are (and remember, I am just going based on the company’s description) that it is lightweight, and has an “ultra-compact fold”. It features a large storage area underneath and two cupholders

The Unity Sport also offers a unique steering system which supposedly makes this double stroller easier to steer than others. Easy steering is one of the things we like about our Maclaren stroller.

The other thing that I think the BabyPlanet strollers have going for them is the company’s commitment to the environment.

When I originally wrote about this stroller here, the company stressed their commitment to using earth-friendly, hypo-allergenic, and/or organic materials. However, I am not finding this information on the company’s website anymore. If this information has changed, that would be disappointing.

However, the company does still maintain a dedication to recycling, and to that end, they offer a stroller recycling program. When you are done with the stroller, you can print out a shipping label to send the stroller back to the company (so save the box it comes in!). The company will then clean it up and donate it to a charity “in need of children’s products.” If they determine your returned stroller is beyond hope, they will dismantle and recycle as much of the materials as they can.

These guys have the green edge…

(BabyPlanet’s Unity Sport strollers can be found for around $290)


One Response to Stroller Decision: BabyPlanet Unity Sport

  1. BookGirl says:

    I thought of you when I saw this stroller posted on a message board I belong to —

    It’s kind of a Bugaboo knock-off, but I like how it can have bassinet on one side and seat on the other.

    Too bad it’s not available in the US.

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