Hump Day Quickies

Just a couple updates on some stuff…

  • City Mama adds her thoughts on double strollers over at Strollerderby. Sounds like she obsessed about it more than I have, and her research and thoughts may save me a little obsessing. Thanks!
  • My daughter’s fever finally set in Monday night. We were giving her a bath and she complained she was freezing. After we took her out, she started shivering. She got better Tuesday, but last night was still a rough one. She refused to go to sleep, then woke up several times. This morning, she was back to her old self, and back at Big Girl School.
  • Also at Strollerderby, Mike Adamick mentions I Hate Snaps as one of his daily reads. Thanks! Although, I am not sure saying that I have “big, meaty hands” is going to drive too much traffic here!
  • I’ve also seen some traffic arriving here via Wikifray. My double stroller post is listed there under “Recommended”. I have no idea what a wikifray is. I tried to research it, but, well, I am still confused.
  • Sorry it is just a quicky post today, but I was busy at lunch hanging out with Jon Bon Jovi. Take that L.A. Daddy.

One Response to Hump Day Quickies

  1. L.A. Daddy says:

    Not that I would be see with him… but, yanno… if it works for you 🙂

    [Kaz: Yeah, well, you know, uhm… I didn’t think about that part of it…]

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