Growing Pains

A few weeks back, Ms. Kaz and our daughter were in Target, when our daughter spotted a flower kit in the $1 bin. The kit came with a little flower pot, some seeds, and a little disk of dirt for growing daisies. Ms. Kaz bought it as a fun little “project” for our daughter.

She helped add the water to the “dirt disk” and add the seeds. She was very excited about her “project”.

“Can I see my project?” she would eagerly ask, several times a day. Even though it was still too early for anything to grow.

* * *

Then one day, as I am reading with my daughter, I hear a noise from the kitchen. I look in there, and I don’t see the flower pot on the sill. An “uh-oh” escapes my lips.

“Was that my project?” my daughter asked.

Apparently, with the window open, the wind knocked the pot off the window and into the sink, spilling most of the soil.

“Yeah, it was, sweetie,” I said, then fell back on the parental, “but we’ll fix it.”

* * *

I stopped at Target on my way home from work a few days later to pick up a replacement kit. Just like a parent will replace one generic goldfish with another, I was hoping to find more seeds. Of course, they were out of daisies. I hope my daughter doesn’t remember, because she’s going to get marigolds.

A few nights later, after my daughter goes to bed, Ms. Kaz replaces the “project”.

* * *

For Mother’s Day, all the kids at my daughter’s Big Girl School planted seeds as a gift for the moms. Of course, by Mother’s Day, it was still just a decorated “cup” full of dirt. I wasn’t even sure if there were seeds in it. But I watered it, and set it in the window next to the other “project”.

* * *

Last night, I noticed my daughter’s Mothers Day “project” was starting to sprout. I told Ms. Kaz, and she mentioned her original “project” also had several sprouts.

In the morning, after breakfast, I showed them to our daughter. “That’s pretty cool!” she said. She was happy. And considering how sick she’s been the last 36 hours, I was happy to see her smile.

Now, how to keep the cats from eating them…

One Response to Growing Pains

  1. Dan says:

    Growing stuff with kids is pretty cool. My 3 year old daughter was very excited yesterday when we harvested some of our lettuce that we’ve been growing and had it in our sandwiches.

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