Another lovely Monday…

Sorry, all — I had several ideas for posts this morning, but the daughter got sick, or something, last night … I got a couple hours of sleep before she started waking up every 10-30 minutes until we gave up around 6am and just got her up. She’s not really eating much, is cranky, lethargic, and wants to be held…

I ran into work to clean up a few things, then will be spending the rest of the day with her.

Hopefully, she’ll take a nap today. If she does, and I don’t fall asleep, then I can update.


One Response to Another lovely Monday…

  1. newhavenbaby says:

    ear infection?

    [Kaz: Oh, man. I hope not. No fever, so… the weird thing was, this morning, I asked her what was wrong, and she said her “body hurts”. I asked where, and she pointed and said, “my back” … I am hoping that just means sore muscles.]

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