D.I.Y. project

I’m not much of a do-it-yourself kind of guy when it comes to stuff for my daughter.

Correction, I am a do-it-yourself kind of guy as long as it is do-it-YOURself, and not do-it-MYself.

I usually feel it is going to look 10 times better if I buy something new and/or pay someone else to do it, than if I did it myself.

Well, that is (hopefully) about to change. At least for one project. You see, our neighbors were having a tag sale, and we bought a beat-up plastic picnic table for our daughter for $4 (we talked ’em down from $5 – we rock!).

Looking at how beat up it was, inspiration hit me. “I bet a new coat of paint would make this look cool!” I thought. But, uh, how does one paint plastic?

I found my answer today in the form of Krylon Fusion spray paint. The stuff apparently goes on pretty easily and is available in several colors and textures.

Of course, after searching around after getting out of work (4:30a – Noon), and checking several places, the best I could find was blue and red. This is why I did not ask my daughter what colors she wanted first.

So, sometime soon, I will give this stuff a try, and I will post before and after pictures. Maybe I’ll get creative and do something cool, like, oh, I dunno. But my goal is to make something cool enough to be featured on daddytypes.

Stay tuned.


4 Responses to D.I.Y. project

  1. Darren says:

    I’ll be waiting to hear how that turns out. We have an old plastic picnic table for Clare and it could use some paint, but I didn’t think it would work.

  2. newhavenbaby says:

    FYI: We found lots of colors last summer at that hardware store on Whitney (in Whitneyville).

    I changed my mind on the project though, so I never ended up buying any. Sorry, no help there.

  3. whit says:

    Everything I make turns to gold. Oh wait, that’s King Midas, no, I can’t make squat.

    Good luck!

  4. planet3rry says:

    Well, if you want Greg to post about it, you’ll need to either make it post modem, turn into some stroller-hybrid or maybe use the Krylon Magnetic Paint to paint it. Maybe a big “DaddyTypes” on the top would be enough…

    [Kaz: Well, I could just put a base coat on, then let my daughter Jackson Pollock it…]

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