Damn You, English

One thing I worry about with our daughter in daycare is that we lose some control over what she gets taught and how she gets taught. I try to make up for it by attempting to teach her as much as I can at home.

We’ve had some successes, such as counting. Counting jelly beans is a great way to teach her.  I just make her count them before eating them.

My daughter first learned to count to ten. This is much different than actually counting something.

You see, I can tell when my daughter is trying to count something, or just counting to ten. If she doesn’t want to try, then, when I ask her to count something, she goes, “onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineten” no matter how many of the thing we are counting there are.

Now, one thing we tend to do when trying to teach our children something is to say it nice and slow, allowing it to sink in. We do this because kids tend to be great mimics. We forget just how good of mimics they are.

When my daughter is really trying to count, she will almost always get it right. However, she count exactly the way we taught her: “Ooooonnnneeeeeeeee…. twwwooooooooooooooo… threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… fooooooooooooooooour…”

Lately, we’ve decided to work on letters. She’s getting some of it: “Ba-ba starts with B!” She still has a way to go, in that, apparently most words start with B. So, in our attempt at education, the following conversation took place the other day (I forget exactly how it started, but let to the following):

Me: Do you know what letter nail starts with?
Daughter: B!
Me: Nope. Nail starts with N. N makes the Nuh, nuh sound. Can you tell me another word that starts with N?
Daughter: … knee!
Ms. Kaz: Close! Knee sounds like it starts with N, but it really starts with K.
Me: Like kangaroo. K makes the Kuh, kuh sound.
Ms. Kaz: Can you think of a word that starts with K?
Daughter: … cog!
Me: Uhm… I think we ought to stop this conversation now…

I think we’ll let other people deal with teaching her the English language.


One Response to Damn You, English

  1. whit says:

    that’s aw-ite, kidz don’t speak no english nomore anyways. you don’t want her standing out.

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