Sorry I’ve kinda been missing in action lately.

I had to be at work at 4:30am on Saturday, 4:00am on Monday, and 4:30am today, so my whole system is a little off.

Hopefully, today’s the last day of that.

*knock on wood*


One Response to m.i.a.

  1. lamommy says:

    Oh, man… I can’t imagine doing anything but sleep at 4am. Good luck with that. You’re probably going to bed by 7pm, huh?

    [Kaz: I wish! My daughter doesn’t go to bed until 8-8:30, and then I need a little time to unwind. So, less sleep combined with getting up early = ugh. That, and my daughter goes and tells me how she is “sad” or “upset” in the morning because she was missing me.]

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