Stroller Decision: Pre-game

Okay, so here it is 6:20a on a Saturday, and I’ve been here at work for almost 2 hours already. I started thinking about our second one arriving in 4 months, and that got me to thinking about one of the biggest decisions we have to make… at least from my daddy perspective. Strollers.

I’ve got a couple in mind, and as I research, I’ll post what I find here, and you all can chime in and help me make my decision. But before I even begin reviewing double-strollers, I will begin with thinking about whether or not we even need a double-stroller.

And please, keep in mind I’ve been up since 3:45a.

So, these days, my daughter rarely rides in a stroller or shopping cart or anything. She wouldn’t sit in a car seat if the man didn’t force us to we didn’t insist that it was important to her safety. Instead, she would rather walk, while (most of the time) happily holding our hands.

But there is only one of her. And often two of us.

Now that there will be two of them, and my wife, due to spending some time at home with the baby, will spend more time with both of them (when my daughter is not in daycare – we haven’t fully decided how much time she’ll spend there once my wife is home) and without me.

Is it practical to put just one kid in a stroller and to allow the other to walk? What happens when the older one decides she doesn’t want to walk anymore? Do you force her to? Will the older one want to sit in the stroller just out of sheer jealousy?

And it you do get a double-stroller, what do you do when the older one doesn’t want to ride? How practical is it to push a double-stroller while holding hands with the one walking?

Ms. Kaz has suggested a sling/baby carrier to go with the stroller, but this only works while the baby is small enough.

So..? I know some of you have two or more. What do you do?


5 Responses to Stroller Decision: Pre-game

  1. Ivory says:

    I got a front and back double stroller and it’s been great. I can push it between cars in a parking lot and get in to spaces a double wide stroller could not. We don’t use it all the time – sometimes we do the baby carrier, single stroller thing. But my son weighs 18 pounds now so it’s getting harder to put him in the sling or carrier.

    I’ve been able to let our daughter get out and walk and push the stroller with one hand – I would do a test drive at the local baby store to get a feel for it. It’s more effort than the single stroller but it still works.

    Good luck.

  2. GeekLady says:

    I think you’re worrying too much about this – it’s not a BAD thing that your daughter doesn’t want to ride in a stroller.

    My mom had 3 kids, and none of us allowed ourselves to be confined to a stroller once we were able to walk reliably. And she dealt with us out and about solo while my dad was at work.

    You will learn to cope. đŸ™‚

    If you’re worried (and want to indulge your stroller fiending) you could always get one of these rolling footboards

  3. whit says:

    We use a sit and stand. It is freaking awesome. Thing 1 was 2 years & 8 months when Thing 2 arrived, and was no longer using a stroller for anything other than full-day non-nap activities.

    The sit and stand allows us to have Thing 2 ride in front in his seat, while Thing 1 can stand on a platform behind him, or sit on the bench seat should he choose. Of course, he generally walks and we use the bench seat for storage, but it sure has been a nice addition to our routine.

  4. Get one where the older one can sit or stand, for us it has resulted in the older one using it much longer which results in us moving much faster. This is the one we have:

  5. Rolling footboards can work. We’ve still only got the child but he doesn’t (at three) want to ride in the buggy half the time. And at the childminders, he has to walk on some days. He’s just had to learn that if he lets go of the pram or a hand he’s in BIG TROUBLE.

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