Product Roundup

I’ve recently run across a few interesting products lately…

  • First, Greg at DaddyTypes took time out of writing about toys to tell us that Orbit, the company which makes a funky, modular stroller system, is introducing a “green” version of their bassinet cradle, which will be made of eco-friendly materials. The company already clean-energy, buys carbon offsets, and recycles. So, if you are in the market for a stroller soon (like us!) and can get past the Bugaboo Bee, then check it out. (via DaddyTypes)
  • The folks over at Strollerderby take time out from celebrity news to tell us about Mabel’s Labels’ Allergy Alert Label. These are ultra-sticky labels with your child’s name and their allergies listed. Customizable in terms of name, graphic, and allergies, it is even possible to turn these into an I’m-A-Vegetarian label by making the second food allergy line be something like, “and I am vegetarian.” Of course, that only works if your kid also has an allergy (like mine).

    Now that our daughter is in a new, and slightly larger daycare, it might be something for us to consider. No word if Vegetarian (i.e. Vegetarian w/o food allergy) labels are in the works. So stick these to your kid’s lunch box, backpack, sippy cup, forehead, wherever. (via Strollerderby)

So go check ’em out, already…


3 Responses to Product Roundup

  1. Or make one of the items “I’m allergic to meat.” This is the story that Mama has used to great effect when traveling in places where meat is a luxury, so they roll it out for her, since she’s a guest. She’s learned to say it way up front, so her hosts don’t even go to the trouble of buying it. And it is roughly true. She has hurled the few times that I’ve seen her accidentally ingest meat–definitely something to avoid.

  2. Provman says:

    The above site may be of interest.

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