CFL (Quick) Update

I’ve encouraged others to give compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFL) a try, so I feel it only fair to post this information…

If you happen to break one of your bulbs, which do contain very minute traces of mercury, do not panic. TreeHugger tells us (a) why not to panic, and (b) how to clean up this mess.

What you probably don’t want to do is call Home Depot or listen to Fox News (good advice in general), as this woman did. She also now apparently refuses to believe that perhaps her local DEP made a mistake and is now correcting it. Stay the course!

Anyhow, I know if I ever break one of these, I will freak out, because that’s the way I am. If you do – try not to worry too much, and follow the steps outlined in the (first) link above.

And, if you don’t break one, but want to dispose of it, remember to return it where you bought it, or your local IKEA, or your local hazardous waste facility.


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