Get the Lead Out

LunchBagNo, I am not talking about Led Zeppelin. I am already sheltering my daughter from that until she goes to High School and learns about them on her own.

We are talking about finally moving away from her (possibly) lead-leaching Hello Kitty soft lunch box.

In 0ur search, I suggested she get a metal Six Million Dollar Man lunch box, like I had as a kid. Apparently, (a) they don’t make metal kids lunch boxes anymore, and (b) kids these days have no idea who the Six Million Dollar Man is.

Then, I tried to sell her on a Lego lunch box. No go.

Instead, we decided to continue our, uh, greenification of our daughter, and visit While we initially fell in love with the Mimi The Sardine (yeah, I dunno, either) ones with the monkey (me) or cats (Ms. Kaz), some comments left by purchasers noted these are not insulated, and we need to send her to her new Big Girl School with an ice pack, so…

We decided to purchase the Cool Totes butterfly one, as pictured above. Not quite as cute, but more practical.

I’ll try to post a follow-up, once we get it and start using it. If not, just assume we like it. We’ll post if it sucks.


2 Responses to Get the Lead Out

  1. I must be a terrible parent; I’ve already introduced The Squeaker to Led Zep.

  2. Isn’t that an aerosmith song? I had dudelet grooving along to Hot Rats, this morning. Then I discovered that supermum had thoroughly trumped me with Nick Cave’s “No Pussy Blues”. I hope she’s prepared to explain it.
    cute bag – really must get dudelet something a little more individual than the utilitarian black number he has at the moment.

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