I don’t know about where you are, but here it was one of the most gorgeous weekends in a long time. I don’t have much in the way of updates this morning, but feel free to discuss your weekend here.

All I want to say now is that we must have spent a total of 4 hours on swings between the various parks and playgrounds and back yards we were in. I cannot believe the amount of thrill this kid can get from swinging. And she’s learning how to swing, but, well, more on that later.


2 Responses to Swings

  1. whit says:

    I spent hours of my life complaining about the crappy weekend weather, actually the last 2 weeks of weather, over at the homestead site.

    Finally, it’s nice today.

  2. Ms.T says:

    It was a beautiful weekend here … we “hired” the grandfolks to watch our son (conditioning him for childcare – that was our pitch and it worked!) while we headed to Niagara (a region just northeast of the famed waterfalls on the U.S/Canada border) to tour some wineries, sip some of the sweet stuff, and lunch on a sun-filled patio. Glorious.

    [Kaz: Ah, yes.. I am familiar with the Niagara region, having grown up on the US side of it. But I’ve never lunched on a sun-filled patio. What does it taste like? 😉 ]

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