Earth Day

earthEarth Day is coming up this weekend. I can’t say we have major plans other than going to our town’s Earth Day program, partially to see what kind of information they provide, and partially because there will be entertainment for kids.

I can remember a few past Earth Days — one where I saw the Barenaked Ladies perform in Hartford, and one where I went to visit the now Ms. Kaz when she was still in college and having a terrible allergic reaction to a new t-shirt I was wearing.

But, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve made a decision to try and continue our “greening” of our lives, especially now that we have another little one on the way. We do what we can now, driving two hybrids, buying organics, CF bulbs, recycling, composting, using non-paper lunch bags, etc. But there is always more that can be done.

We also try to educate our daughter as much as we can — reading the Lorax (“Pollution is bad; Trees are good”), getting her to help recycle, and just telling her as much as we can… considering she’s 2 1/2.

Plus, one of the things I’ve tried to do with this blog, sometimes successfully, is to provide information to other parents who might wish to make their lives a little more green.

With that in mind, DivineCaroline does a much better job than I have the time to do in offering up 50 tips you can use this Earth Day to make your lives (and remember, your lives are your children’s lives, too!) a little greener (via StrollerDerby).


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