Quotes quotes quotes!

I feel bad for the lack of quality posts, but between work and the Stanley Cup Playoffs, it is tough. Fortunately, my daughter was in rare for tonight…

Daughter: Ga-ga! That means Spanish “no”!

* * *

Daughter: You wanna be my friend?
Ms. Kaz: Sure. What do I have to do?
Daughter: Play with me!

* * *

Daughter: You gotta take your clothes off and do the poopy-dance!
Me: Uh.. I think I’ll keep my clothes on, thanks.

* * *

Daughter: My dupy* is full of bubbles!

* “Dupy” being a term my family has used for rear end with kids for the longest time. It is a derivation of a not-so-nice Polish term for that part of the body.

* * *

Daughter (to me): You’re not a twin!

* * *

Ms. Kaz: Why are you so frustrated tonight?
Daughter: I … don’t … like … MANNERS!



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