Rain, Rain, Go Away

So the rains started this weekend here in New England. Fortunately, *knock on wood*, our basement has so far survived with minimal wetness on the floor. This has freed me up to begin constructing a ship and gathering two of each animal.

Or, it would have, had our daughter not insisted on going outside and splashing in puddles.

Being the sucker I am for her, we agreed to run out to the shoe store, in the pouring rain, to buy her new rain boots, as her old ones no longer fit.

boot_beforeWe found some that were… well… okay, they were kind of cute — you know the ones; the frog, the ladybug, etc. We pointed out some, but, of course, she wanted the ugliest of the bunch. They were pink (that’s okay with me), and had some, well, I guess they flowers.

Oh, we tried all the tricks: “Are you sure these are the ones you want??”, “These frog ones are cute? You like frogs, don’t you, sweetie?” But the force is strong in this one. She didn’t fall for it.

And, of course, we promised her she could jump in the puddles today.

As we looked for sandals, Ms. Kaz happened upon a really cute (and very tolerable) pair of boots. They were a very tolerable color. And they had cute drawings of animals kids love (yes, there is a rat) that looked as if they were drawn by kids.

boots_afterWe showed them to here and held out breath…

“I want these ones!”

Knowing her tendency to change her mind, I asked her several times, “Are you sure you want these?” *nod* “Okay, so we’re going to get these ones, and not the others, okay?” *nod*

So, we wound up with a much more tolerable pair of boots which will fit her for, like, 3 more weeks. And, we got to play in the rain. I just hope my jacket dries out soon so I can go back to gathering animals.

I have to start all over again now that Ms. Kaz informed me that one of them has to be male and one has to be female.

[UPDATE: Of course, the day I call these flower boots ugly, I discover Babble’s fashion review singing their praises. I guess now we need to avoid Park Slope.]


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