Thursday Observations

Here are some observations I am reflecting on as I sit here waiting for the Sabres game to start…

  • I don’t know where she learned it, and I don’t know whether I should be proud or afraid, but today, my daughter started running around the house shouting, “ROCK AND ROLL!”
  • She must be ready for a growth spurt, because today my daughter ate more for dinner and her nighttime snack than I ever remember her eating… by far. We made gemelli pasta tossed with broccoli, oil and lots of garlic. And grated cheese on top. My daughter ate three plates full. In total, I think she ate more than I did.
  • I think every father starts his blog vowing that he will never type the word, “Poop.” But it is inevitable.
  • That being said, my daughter seems to have an aversion to poop. The past few weeks, when changing her, we put the (folder over) diaper under her as we wipe her, and she freaks out. Tonight, after going on the potty, and even after wiping her, she freaked out that there still might be some on her. The only except to all of this is when she poops in her diaper. Then she denies it and doesn’t want to be changed. Go figure.

5 Responses to Thursday Observations

  1. She can’t just run around the house yelling “rock and roll” like that. Please tell me that you’ve taught her the first half of the phrase: “kick ass!”

    [Kaz: No, but I was thinking about teaching her the devil hand gesture thing…]

  2. I started it so I could write the word poop.

  3. planet3rry says:

    I had my kids singing the hook to “Iron Man” when it was used in a truck commercial during football season. Now, he just sings the Theme song to Thomas the Tank Engine…

  4. whit says:

    I revel in poop. It sells.

    My son will ask if a certain song is rock and roll. If I answer ‘yes’ he says to “Turn it up! Rock and roll is supposed to be loud.”

    I taught him that.

  5. Be prout! Encourage it! Last week, supermum asked dudelet what CD he wanted to listen to. Imagine my pride when he said “Arcade Fire!” Let us know how you get on with the devil hand gesture. I’m going to have to seriously consider that…

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